Let’s begin with the Farm

A lot of people laugh when I tell them I built a farm. Why is a farm so funny? I grew up in the San Joaquin Valley in the middle of nowhere. I know what a farm is. So I built a farm.

Bok Choy!

Early planting

The Lakritz Family Farm will be a place on our property where we grow food to eat and other things like trees.

So far we are well on our way to success. We’ve grown tomatoes and peppers and other things very successfully in the back yard in the past so we have every reason to believe we’ll be successful in this very large new space.

BWL_3850Part of what makes the Lakritz Family Farm so unique is that we chose to build our farm in the front yard in full view of all of our neighbors and guests. You know that piece of property in front of the garage with lava rock that nobody every noticed? Well, we noticed and decided to change it.

About 6 years ago we had the lava rock removed and put about 6 truck loads of wood chips on the land which is pretty much clay below the lava rock.

In this blog we’ll show BWL_3785you how we did it and why we chose to do one thing over another. Let us know what you think.

— The Lakritz Family Farm

About Lakritz Family Farm

The Lakritz Family Farm - "It's Where We Grow"
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