Visitors to the Farm – “Today’s Bouquet”

One thing we never anticipated when we started building the farm is the fact that we are BWL_0767meeting and getting to know our neighbors — many of them for the first time.

We have people who stop by to admire the plants, ask about how we built the fence, or wonder what’s up with the Redwood trees.

We plan to bring you some conversations with our farm visitors soon but today I just wanted to introduce my new friend Maya Bartolf who lives several blocks down the street from us.

IMG_6351We met Maya and a couple of her friends who stopped on their neighborhood walk to visit and share their excitement about gardening with us.

Maya has her own love for gardening (especially flowers) which she combines with her love for art. She expresses these joys through both the flowers she grows in her own garden and a blog “Today’s Bouquet” which she began in 2012.

Maya has taught gardening in the local schools and she also does a pop-up flower shop at the local Marinwood Market.

We hope you will stop by and visit us on the Lakritz Family Farm too. We’d like to hear about your love of farming and gardening. You can also tell us your thoughts about the environment and living a sustainable lifestyle. Come by and say hello anytime.

About Lakritz Family Farm

The Lakritz Family Farm - "It's Where We Grow"
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