Food Revolution Day 2015

Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver wants you to join a revolution. A food revolution.

The Lakritz Family Farm is joining too.

One of the primary reasons for this blog is to raise awareness about urban farming and the importance of teaching people how and why they should think about growing their own food. Oliver’s food revolution is all about that too.

One of the key facets of Oliver’s revolution is promoting the concept of teaching students about food and how to grow and prepare it in our schools. We agree that teaching young people is a powerful way to a healthy future. We hope you do too.

Rather than explain it further we’ll let you read Jamie Oliver’s petition.

Join the Lakritz Family Farm in support of the Food Revolution. Even if you can’t grow your own food, please do what you can to support food education in our schools and healthier lifestyle for everyone.

And remember that Food Revolution Day 2015 is coming up in two weeks on May 15, 2015. Celebrate with some healthy food!

Be sure to find your way to Oliver’s Food Revolution petition on Sign it and share it!



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