If A Plum Falls On The Farm Do You Eat It?

A couple of days ago I was watering plants and standing next to the Santa Rosa plum tree we planted in the spring of 2014. The tree was part of the early plans for the farm which included the idea of a small orchard of fruit trees.


First harvest of Santa Rosa plums from the Lakritz Farm

After planting the plum and a Fuji apple tree the family decided we needed to grow vegetables so we threw out the plans for six to eight trees and built the rest of the farm.

A year later the two trees are doing beautifully and already bearing fruit!

Growing up we always had an orange tree and a grapefruit tree. Although we weren’t farmers we experienced the power of nature and the beauty of eating from your own home grown fruit trees. Annually each tree produced as many as 700 pieces of fruit!


First harvest of Fuji apples from the Lakritz Farm

There is nothing better or healthier than growing and eating your own fruit right from the tree. We are looking forward to many years of healthy eating from these trees.

So, when a plum falls from the tree on the farm . . . eat i!

About Lakritz Family Farm

The Lakritz Family Farm - "It's Where We Grow"
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