Redwood Trees

March 30, 2020
Winter 2020 photos of year six for growing this tree at one of our local high schools.

IMG_3413 IMG_2983















May 5, 2015

Environmental Educator Dan Burgess visited the Lakritz Farm this week and took the time to explain how and why he grows redwood trees and other species in an effort to rebuild the old-growth forests of Northern California.

About the Redwood Trees 

Redwood trees are the backbone of the northern California forests. These mammoth trees provide much of the beauty and the environmental resources for our forests. Redwoods provide vital support for owl, salmon, and many other populations of fauna in the forest.

Many of these forests have been logged clear of these ancient trees. The Redwood Parks Association, Save The Redwoods League, the Smith River Alliance, and the Bureau of Land Management (along with a long list of other volunteer and governmental organizations) are all doing their best to protect these important members of our forest ecosystems.

Efforts are underway to reintroduce redwoods to these areas:

As part of our mission to educate others about farming, sustainability, and ecology we are growing redwood trees here at the Lakritz Family Farm to raise awareness about this important issue.

Old Growth Redwood Saplings

Old Growth Redwood Saplings

Visit us again soon for more information about how you can help or perhaps even plant one of these beautiful redwood saplings on your property.


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