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Bugs for Chickens

Thanks to the people at the Marin Master Gardeners I found out my farm is infested with grubbs! These pesky and strange looking soil mongrels hang out about 4-6 inches below the the top of the soil and reek havoc … Continue reading

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If A Plum Falls On The Farm Do You Eat It?

A couple of days ago I was watering plants and standing next to the Santa Rosa plum tree we planted in the spring of 2014. The tree was part of the early plans for the farm which included the idea … Continue reading

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Visitors to the Farm – “Today’s Bouquet”

One thing we never anticipated when we started building the farm is the fact that we are meeting and getting to know our neighbors — many of them for the first time. We have people who stop by to admire the plants, ask … Continue reading

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Earth Day 2015 Fun With Celery!

Here is something easy and fun urban farmers can do to celebrate Earth Day. It’s an easy process to start a celery plant from the bottom of the cut bunch of stalks. Using a celery bunch you purchase from the … Continue reading

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Before and After

This is just a quick peek at what we’re doing here at the Lakritz Family Farm. We will share much more on how and why we decided to build the farm. Come back and see us soon!

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Let’s begin with the Farm

A lot of people laugh when I tell them I built a farm. Why is a farm so funny? I grew up in the San Joaquin Valley in the middle of nowhere. I know what a farm is. So I … Continue reading

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