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A New Water Supply System

When we first got started with the Lakritz Family Farm it was clear that growing food on our property would be highly dependent upon access to water. While living in Northern California tends to mean lots of rain (here in … Continue reading

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Wildlife Visit the Farm

We all know that living in the natural world means facing wildlife from time to time. Depending on where you live and what you grow you might have a variety of animals as visitors. Here at the Lakritz Family Farm … Continue reading

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It’s “Engineered” So Don’t Call Them “GMO” Crops

In March, UC Davis professor Pamela Ronald gave a scientific argument in favor of the idea that genetically engineered (not “genetically modified”) crops will be an important tool in the future of world food production. In fact, she says engineered food will be critical to … Continue reading

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Johnny Georges and the Tree T-Pee Saves Water

Check out Johnny Georges and his Tree T-Pee. This could be a game-changer for tree farmers in water tight areas. I would like to hear more about the carbon footprint on this product but certainly the potential for water savings are … Continue reading

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