Looking Back – Two Years on the Lakritz Farm

It’s amazing to think we’ve been farming our front yard for two years now. Here is what the space was like just a few years ago. The first thing we did was remove all the lava rock, the plants, and several trees. That was a huge job that took several people a week to do.


The next step was to bring in truckloads of wood chips that have been settling there for about four years. Two years later we began building out the growing space. We started with a fence and then build the raised beds. We filled the beds with soil and compost and started planting.

IMG_1728 img_0798



Spring 2015

When we started growing stuff it was incredible to see the results of our efforts. Now we eat out of there every week!



Today, I find it difficult to spend much time blogging about the Lakritz Farm so I focus on posting regular images and information on Instagram. You can follow me there to see what’s up on the Lakritz Farm.


Happy Urban Farming Everybody!


About Lakritz Family Farm

The Lakritz Family Farm - "It's Where We Grow"
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